Why Write?


So- I have tried blogging a multitude of times. I have looked into writing about my experiences and writing about things that I love. I took a long break due to the fact that none of it had any direction.

I want my writing to be direct, have purpose and have meaning. I want to reach out and to benefit other peoples lives as opposed to just venting or exposing my experiences.

I am creating this blog with the intention of documenting my journey through my career, navigating fitness, accomplishing my rugby goals, and my eventual travels.


I want this blog to be an exploration of self as much as I want it to be a sort of memoir through my life and experiences as well as assist folks with helpful tips regarding their own fitness, travel or career goals. I hope to offer something more- something even one person can take away and use to their advantage in life.

Through defining my “personal” brand as well as my business and career goals, I am starting to find myself and discover what I can offer to the world. Sports are my main love. Travel is my second. Third comes my career and entrepreneurial goals.

I look foreword to our chats. 🙂




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