HIIT Mondays [1]


Not all nights we want to go to the gym. Let’s be real. I also realize some people don’t “have time” to spend at the gym or feel like they would rather spend their time somewhere else.

I get it.

Point is, going to the gym, no matter where or what kind, is actually freeing. If you put 45 minutes of hard work in, not only will you reap the mental benefits, you will also reap the physical benefits.

It is actually one of the most freeing times of the day- despite what you may think.

It allows for disconnection with the outside world, for you to eat a little more freely and not feel as terrible about it, to fit better and more comfortably in all your clothes and bathing suits, worry less about what people think of you (since hopefully going there builds confidence) and so much more.



It is also a great place to build relationships with like minded people who are also on the road to bettering themselves. People who care about their health and who are likely in a good mood because of it. People you may want to actually hang out with!

Anyways- these types of things are what I think of when I try to motivate myself to go to the gym after a draining Monday at the agency.

Here was today’s workout.



500 meter row (on for 30 off for 30)

20 Spiderman walks (hip flexor/ quad stretch)

20 Quad Walks


10 Mins (AMRAP)

80 wall balls

90 double unders (single unders if you can’t do double )

15 pull ups (switch grip to chin up second time through)


3 rounds @ 60%

1 minute on- thrusters (focus on core & form)

1 minute on- max burpees

1 minute on- Power Cleans (focus on core and form)

1 minute on –  max lunge jumps


Max Bench – 4 sets, work up from 50% to 1 rep Max

Incline Bench – 4 sets, 5 reps @ 75%

Free weight Bench- 4 sets, 5 reps@ 75%


Foam Roll

Hip flexor stretch / butterfly

Hamstring Stretch

Runners lunge- pull back quad for quad stretch

Piraformis stretch / Pidgeon stretch


Let me know what you think. What kind of HIIT workouts do you enjoy?






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