Friday Coffee Date: Fitness Favorites & Week-ending Thoughts

Another day, another dollar $$

This week has been INSANE. My mom was visiting this past weekend until Tuesday, which was wonderful. It also took up some time from my usual routine, but it was a very needed break.

Sometimes breaking up your routine is a way to re-evaluate. We get so caught up in our daily’s- even if we have goals, we struggle in actualizing them and conceptualizing making them a reality. Deviating from the routine can provide perspective of whether or not you are fulfilled, ignite some long lost passions, and in general re-evaluate how you are living your daily life.

I find that I can get lost in my work, and it’s not until I step away that I remember what I really want. I remember that I really want certain freedoms, a certain amount of respect, how much I miss certain way’s I spend my personal time when I don’t have time.

Life is scary and complex. We can’t just pick a career and call it a day (well most of us can’t anyways). Some people know right away, some people have hundreds of jobs, some people have no jobs and become entrepreneurs. It all vary’s so much person to person.

Hangin’ out after some hill sprints- a great way to clear your head.

This is why it is SO important to take it step by step.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” I can hear my mom saying to me.

And neither is your life. Try and pencil in one day where you have no plans. No chores. Just to spend on your desires, brainstorming, decorating, trying a new gym, working towards a new degree or certification, you name it you spend that day doing it. On this day you should make sure to Journal and conceptualize your week ahead.

The work grind isn’t always easy, no matter what work you do. But make sure you are following the path to your dreams. Money will come, find out how to pay your bills, decrease your debt and your overhead and make a change. Anyone can do it. It’s never to late to change your life!

To inspire the incoming weekend and the week ahead, here are some brands & products I use in the gym to help me get game ready. Retail therapy never hurt anyone right? 😉


Elivate Nutrition Sports Bra

EXO Weight Belts- in this fun pattern!

The Chestee Sports Bra with Collar Bone Protection

This Weightlifting Shoe- NEXT ON MY LIST


What are some of your favorite fitness brands? How do you re-evaluate your routine?

XO Mal


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