Spring Cleaning: How to Mentally Prepare to be Busy


Favorite quote- set boundaries with negativity and mental clutter!

Spring is a busy time of year. Things get rolling again, the winter blues fade away, and we being to rethink and redesign our lives. Spring is an incredibly important time in the fitness world as people prepare their “bikini bodies” for spring break, or start dieting as they worry about fitting into their summer shorts.

Beyond the fitness realm this is the time of year where most folks, myself included, begin to seek change.


I can’t say it enough. Spring is hands down one of my favorite times of year, especially in June when things turn into summer, but it isn’t quite so hot.

When I mentally “spring clean” I make sure I set aside some time on the weekend or a morning where I know I am not too busy, and just think.

I make lists of everything that is important to me.

I list out my:

  1. goals
  2. wish-lists of things I want to save for
  3. trips I want to go on, and any vacations I have to look forward to. 

Then I prioritize. 

Prioritizing is so important because it allows you to be selective with your time.

Look through your planner, what do you do every day? Is there anything in excess that you don’t need to be doing? Is there anything that you could cut out of your daily or monthly routines to help save time or money?

A dreaming morning in my room in the city ❤

Once you cut out everything necessary, erase it from your head. Start fresh up in the old noggin.

After eliminating all of the nonsense and listing out goals, wants, and upcoming travel, I then look to see what small things I can do each day or each week that will help me get towards those goals.

If it is schedule more time in the gym, paying bills on time, budgeting daily so you can save more money daily, getting up earlier, doing a little research each day.

Clearing your head, clearing out the clutter in your life that wastes your time, then prioritizing and planning out goals and upcoming events in your life will help eliminate stress and help you tackle one small thing one day at a time.

This way, when you finally begin to move towards those goals, they don’t seem so daunting. They almost seem to just creep up on you!

Me when I broke my hand- had to do a lot of mental cleaning and goal setting to get back on my feet! It’s SO IMPORTANT!!

I am a HUGE fan of cleaning and organizing my life. From the physical things (home organizational post to come) to the mental things (mental clutter- EW!) I truly believe making your life more efficient and less full of clutter will make you more successful.

Especially with Fitness- it is important to be organized and stick to a plan so you don’t fall out of your routine at the gym, morning runs, yoga, etc…!

It makes life (and your home) easier to navigate as well as sets a clear pathway for you to reach your dreams! Goals are just dreams with a plan.  🙂


What are your goals? Can I help you de-clutter your life to reach them?








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