HIIT Monday’s [2]


Gotta love Monday’s! The best cure for the Monday blues is a SOLID workout. HIIT workouts are efficient, perfect for the busiest day of the week and the one that seems to drag on the longest.

Also, they are more exciting and fun than a traditional static lift if you are looking to shake things up.

Check out this weeks HIIT routine here- inspired by the current 17.4 Crossfit open workout (my favorite so far!)

Warm Up: Dynamic stretches

Runners lunge- stretch each side then switch back and forth quickly x10

Downward dog into push up x10- pedal your feet at down dog

walking quad stretch 50 ft

Arm swings

20 Calorie Row

Strength: SQUATS 

10 sets x3 – BUILD

1- 40% (warm up your form)

2-50% (warm up your form- engage your glutes and quads properly)

3- 50%







10-95% (almost your 1 rep max, if you have been at the same MAX for a while, try and push it above 1 rep)


20 Minute AMRAP

50 deadlifts (60%)

50 Pullups

25 Squat Cleans (60%)

25 box jumps

Anyways- this a really fun Circuit I have performed that was awesome for a leg day.  🙂

Happy Monday!

Xo Mal


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