Friday Coffee Date: Moving On [Work, Bad Days & Mistakes]

If there is one thing I have learned from playing sports my whole life, is that mistakes happen, bad days happen, shit happens. You can’ t control it. Sometimes things just don’t go your way.

What matters most is how you recover from these mistakes.

Mistakes can take many different forms.

It can take the form of a relationship. A job. A negative conversation. A fight.

What is important about mistakes is that we learn from them. Yes I  realize this may be a cliche, but it is very true. You CAN NOT dwell on a mistake or a negative choice. You have to accept the outcome and move forward.


In Rugby, I have missed a throw, gone off sides, knocked the ball on, misread a play. You name it, it’s happened. But, this is all part of the learning curve. We can never be at our best if we don’t learn and overcome things that can ho wrong. Very rare is the person who is perfect at something first time they try it.

I would love to meet someone like that if you know them. 😉

The same applies for life.

I recently quit my job with the prospect of a new one.

This honestly is scary, as my position is a completely new position, and I will have a lot to learn (socially as well as on the job).

I am not saying my last job was a mistake, as it was a very important stepping stone in my career and a great learning opportunity. It is important to know when to shake off the old and move on to the new, though, and with my last job it was definitely time.

I was constantly stressed, overworked, hadn’t gotten a raise in 2 years due to circumstances out of my or my managers control, and there were a myriad of other factors that began to build upon themselves. This lead me to realize, when an opportunity presented itself to me to move forward and learn, I needed to take it.

We have to constantly move forward in life, in sports, in fitness, in work and in our goals.

If we stay stagnant or where is comfortable, if we are afraid to make mistakes, afraid to truly FAIL we will never know. We will never give ourselves the opportunity to learn and find success. Whatever that means to us.

Recently I did a photoshoot with a photographer I met for a boutique and some boutique clothing brands in Boulder, Colorado. It was a little scary, as I am not a boutique model, I am a fitness model! If there is one thing that is scary, it’s putting on clothes and posing in front of a camera in a style that is totally not your usual. 

Questions ran through my head like:

“Are my arms too big?”

“Do they think I am fat since this doesn’t fit my legs?” 

“Will these images even turn out?” 

“will they think they are wasting their time?” 

Things ended up turning out great! It was a great learning experience and confidence boost for me as well as challenged the photographer to shoot someone athletic in non athletic clothing.

As our world moves more and more towards fitness, I think it’s important to show girls being strong is ok. You won’t look fat. You won’t look manly. You can still be beautiful. Be girly. Be yourself!!


Thats what this shoot really meant for me. I am so so happy I did it.

Always make sure to stay true to yourself, because in reality that is all you really have. People, opinions, things, what we own, it’s all temporary. What matters is that we love ourselves and who we were uniquely made to be.

We need to embrace our imperfections, our mistakes, our “stepping stones” and learn to move on and move up.

When you find you are chronically sick, down trodden, depressed, unable to find joy in things that usually make you happy, overstressed, can’t disconnect from email (or whatever it is you do) maybe it is time to make a change.

I know life is not jolly all the time. But if these issues persist in your life MAKE A CHANGE. Make a step in a direction to make a difference in your life.

These things are not normal and life is too short to dwell on unhappy bullshit or things that don’t matter.

Take control and enjoy your FRIDAY!!







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