HIIT Mondays [3]: In Season Strength/Endurance Maintenance

Maintaining one’s strength and endurance while in season can be difficult. As your team advances, games become more frequent small injuries happen, less time for PT or Chiropractic work, etc etc…things can bog you down.

As well as increased running/cardio, it can sometimes hinder further muscle growth as your muscles are now being used for different things.

This is why HIIT sessions really help me in season. They are short. You can do them relatively low impact depending on if you have certain injuries. You can do them easily while you travel. They also help maintain your endurance and strength.

I often find myself on the struggle bus with how to balance my fitness in season for Rugby while remaining fresh and strong for practices and games. I know how difficult it can be! finding a routine that works for you is imperative for your personal growth and success. Everyone is different. Every body is different.


This weeks HIIT workout is Rugby inspired. 🙂

That being said, make sure with all the lifts that you POWER through. Move hard, swift, and with intention. Don’t just perform the lift, but work on engaging your fast twitch muscles by powering through the motion while you are performing it. This will help immensely with speed, power, and moving that strength from gym specific to functional on the field strength.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.42.53 AM

Now- I realize a HIIT workout isn’t the BEST way to build strength. There are a ton of different ways to cycle through lifts and building different muscle groups. When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, in a quick period of time these are a great way to stay quick and stay strong.

hot tip: make sure to focus on strength building in the off season where you can consume more calories and use them to build specific muscle groups. Plan your off season strength building cycles in advance to maximize time off the field (or whatever you may be doing!). This way excessive activity, injuries, cardio, etc..won’t hinder muscle gains. 

10 Minutes: Dynamic Stretching/rolling out 

5 minutes- roll out glute, quads, hamstrings, lower back

10 (5 each side) over/unders

Pushup/downward dog (pedal your feed for hamstring stretches) x 10

High knee Skips 10 (each leg)

Any additional prehab/PT exercises you need to do

5 Minutes: CORE 

1 Minute plank

1 minute hold Boat Pose

(If access to TRX BANDS)

1 Minute hold Plank w/ arms in push up Position in TRX Bands

alt: 1 minute side plank

1 minute Alternation knee to chest (foot in stirrup of TRX Bands) in pushup position

alt: 1 Minute side plank (other side)

1 Minute Bar hang (or as long as you can) with feet in Pike Position

10 Mins: EMOM 

Power-clean to Pushpress x 5 @ 70% push press weight (this will help with lifting in lineouts)

10 Dead Lifts @ 65% (core, back, and hamstring strength are great for scrums and building speed)

10 BBJO (box hight your choice) (this will help with reaction time, speed, coordination, and endurance)

STRETCH:  5 Mins

Butterfly stretch

Seated hamstring stretch

Piraformis stretch (each leg)

Right leg, seated straddle (make sure to really bend into it, stretching your lower back and side)

Left Leg Straddle (same as above)

Runners lunge into quad stretch – repeat on other side

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.43.19 AM

Hope this helps fuel your Monday!



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