The Importance of Balance: What I Have Learned [ The Hard WAY]


Balance might be one of the most important things we work on in our lives on a daily basis.

I dont mean physically having balance (although that is very important too), I mean balance in a different way.

Life is INSANE. Honestly, sometimes attempting to achieve balance can often lead to stress and a less balanced life overall. There are always periods in our lives where we need to focus on certain things more than others, spend more time in areas of our lives than others.

What is important here is that you are LIVING.

It is so easy to get lost in the grind and forget about special and important aspects of our lives that we need to care about. It is also easy to get lost in the lack of a grind and end up wasting our best years behind our TV or cellphone just wishing for more or day dreaming about the past.

Balance is when you have your goal, you have your daily grind, and you still make time throughout your week/days to be YOU.

If your job or career is keeping you from having any sort of balance in your life, you should seriously consider jumping ship and focus your energy into something else.



Often times, we don’t even realize our lives are out of whack until we wake up one morning and can’t get out of bed. It hits you like a freight train. All of a sudden it’s months later, you are unhappy, you have no idea where you stand with your personal goals, and your life has just seemed to pass you by. You are tired. Overwhelmed. On the verge of a mental breakdown. Your greatest wish is that everyone and everything would just leave you alone and stop.

We can’t hit pause on our lives, however. It’s not a video game. Just because we aren’t ready for something, or can’t handle something doesn’t mean it will stop.

That is when you have to actively choose to move in another direction.

Like driving a boat, you can’t just hit the breaks, you keep floating in a direction even after the motor stops turning. You can choose to slow down or re-direct yourself, but the water is always moving you.

Life is very similar. When you find yourself hurting at 80mph towards a buoy, you can’t just stop on a dime and pause time. You have to steer yourself.

When we hit obstacles in our lives or see that whatever direction we are heading will become destructive, we have to choose to redirect. Even if the next path is unsure, even if the waters are choppy, we have to redirect.

Since our lives never stop, you have to make time to move at a different pace. Choose a pace where you can calm yourself, disconnect from your surroundings, and in essence leave that period of time refreshed. I personally think Meditation is the best way to use that time. It allows you to slow down, breathe, and reset your mind by focusing on, ideally nothing!

A wise person once said,

“Sometimes doing nothing, is doing something.”

This is so true.

So do yourself a favor.

This weekend, find time to do nothing.


Before games, especially the night before, I meditate, think positively, encourage myself, and clear my head of all distractions. After clearing my head I re-focus on game time scenarios and visualizations. Redirecting your thoughts, clearing your head, and then visualizing is a great way (as an athlete) to prepare for a game time or crucial situation.

Games where I don’t clear my head before hand or focus intently and tune out distractions in moments of pressure, I realize my playing suffers! Who wants that?

As an athlete, meditation and clearing your head is ESPECIALLY crucial.

Try it next time you can. 🙂

How do you redirect your life? How do you achieve balance?

Let me know in the comments below!

XO Mal


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