HIIT Mondays [4]

Alas, it is Monday one of the more difficult days of the week.

I find that on Monday’s I either get the MOST done or I get the least done.

Today particularly I have been in a pleasant day dream of what-if’s. What if I didn’t have a job and was a millionaire (man wouldn’t that be nice). What if I was the CEO of my own company? What if- I was on the beach right now in Fiji? What if I looked perfect and didn’t eat that croissant this morning?

See, SHMondays are the roughest, because although we are working, our heads seem to be somewhere else. Aloft in a dream land somewhere, where things seem to be a-OK.

It is important to daydream, but it is also important to stay driven, grounded and on task to get to where your dreams come true.

I almost always try and gym on Mondays as well as meditate, as it helps ground me.

Remaining grounded, appreciating the moment, not worrying about the moment passing by and allowing yourself to truly let the air sink in to your lungs.

My favorite part after a workout is the long walk home from the gym, taking in the air, watching the sunset, and just allowing my body to fully relax.

SO- on this Monday, get your butt to the gym. Get present. Get Grounded. & Have a relaxing evening after that will let you appreciate all the good there is right now, right here about being alive and being healthy enough to be at the gym.

You can work through your problems, stretch out your sore muscles, and have the opportunity to appreciate all the lovely things like birds, stars, and even your sore limbs. 🙂

Todays workout is BOOTY focused. Building your Booty (keep track of the weight you squat) and set the presedent for the next time! I did this today in conjunction with a bunch of strength training I have been doing to build my squat, and it was killer for muscle endurance & exhaustion.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 9.53.41 PM.png


Roll Out x 5 mins

Activation x 3

10 meter Lunge & twists

Runners lunge switches  x 5 fast

Pidgeon Walks x 5 each leg


70% x 5

80% x 1

70% x 5

85 % x 1

75% x 5

85 % x 1

100% 1RM

CIRCUIT  1:  4 times through

10 Glute Ham Raises

10 Jumping Lunges

CIRCUIT 2 : 7 mins

Max Chest to Bar

5 shin hop to box jumps (for explosive power- WATCH YOUR FORM)

ACCESSORRY WORK 2 times through

Good mornings with the bar x 10

Over head Press with the bar x 10

With a band just above your ankles- 10 side steps each side (band should be thick enough where this becomes difficult)

20 Contralateral Dead Bugs

STRETCH – 5 mins


Hope this helps you get on your feet this Monday and get focused! 🙂


XO- Mal








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